Dog Boarding Tucson AZ

Where Dogs Are Family!

Waggin Tail Inn is a FIRST CLASS Dog Boarding Tucson AZ.  At Waggin' Tail Inn, your dog will experience constant care and supervision from loving, skilled, and experienced handlers.  Our team is knowledgeable and passionate in teaching dogs how to “dog” in an interactive and 100% engaged way. This is not a place to mindlessly run around, we are focused on direct and appropriate social interactions and enforcing excellent manners!

Treat your favorite four-legged friend to Waggin' Tail Inn - the Number One Dog Boarding Tucson AZ  that stands out from the pack! We welcome dogs of all energy levels, sizes, and breeds to enjoy our range of programs and activities designed to keep them happy, healthy, and active.
As the best place for Dog Boarding Tucson AZ we strive to provide every pet owner with a safe and happy place to drop their dog off when they need to go somewhere. As dog owners, we understand that you can’t always bring your pets with you wherever you go. And leaving them home alone is not always the best option.  But Waggin' Tail Inn  has a solution. We are completely cage-free and stress-free.   It’s a welcoming and exciting place for all dogs.  Providing an interactive environment that keeps your dog engaged and entertained all day. Allowing you to drop your dog off and do whatever you need to do, knowing that they are safe and happy.

When your dog is healthy and feeling great, we can tell.  Our entire business is based on dogs that are happy and healthy, which is why we examine every single dog in our care daily during our Wellness Checks.  Poor health from food intolerance, environmental allergies, obesity, overgrown nails, dental disease, and more, will affect your dog’s ability to enjoy our Dog Boarding Tucson AZ to the fullest and may even affect their personality.  That’s why here at Waggin' Tail Inn we take a holistic approach to the care of our dogs, with nutritional counseling, grooming recommendations, and just being a second set of eyes to help puppy parents, especially the first timers, keep their dogs feeling their best!

The love for our dog customers translates to a love for our human customers.  The quality of life for today’s pet dog has skyrocketed, and it takes a village now to ensure the happiness of our pets.  Together, you and Waggin' Tail Inn are that village.

Happy dogs, happy life. It's what we strive for!

Dog Boarding Tucson AZ

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Waggin Tail Inn Tucson AZ
Where Dogs Are Family!

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