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Please complete the interview request form below. PLEASE NOTE: This is a request only. You will be contacted shortly to schedule the actual time for the Meet and Greet.

New Customer - Doggy Day Care
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What does my dog need?

  • We do not accept dogs with a history of aggression or threatening behavior to other dogs or people. If you are unsure how to define your dog’s past behavior, we are happy to discuss with you over the phone or by email to help!
  • All dogs must be 4 months of age or older, to the best of your knowledge. This is the minimum age when veterinarians prefer to administer a rabies shot.
  • Male dogs over the age of 9 months must be neutered. Female dogs are not permitted at the Waggin’ Tale Inn while in a heat cycle (up to 3 weeks).  We also reserve the right to evaluate your dog’s development at any time and require spay or neuter procedures for continued attendance. For example, strong hormonal surges, negative reactions from adult dogs, etc.
  • All dogs must be on effective flea prevention. Any flea prevention protocol you choose to use is acceptable AS LONG AS it is effective. If your dog is found to have fleas, we will immediately perform a flea bath at the expense of the owner ($30 charge) so that your dog can continue to socialize. However, flea baths do not prevent future infestation, so this is something that must be addressed immediately by owners for continued attendance.
  • Dogs must arrive on leash. A leash and collar must be left with the dog.
  • Any additional items provided (food, toys, beds, blankets, etc.) must be labeled with the dog's name and last initial. Food should be in an air-tight, resealable container (baggies and refrigerated items are fine). Please note that personal items except food will be shared and that toys sometimes get destroyed during doggy play.
  • See below for vaccination requirements.

Vaccination Requirements

  • Rabies – We require that all dogs are up to date on their Rabies vaccination, according to legal standards. After their first annual booster, we only require Rabies to be updated every 3 years.
  • Distemper and Parvo – We require that all dogs are up to date on their Distemper and Parvo vaccinations. After their first annual booster, we only require that Distemper and Parvo be updated every 7 years or that you provide titer tests. You may choose to run titer tests to prove existing immunity rather than re-vaccinating. If you choose to use titer tests, please remember to attach an accompanying note from your vet interpreting the results as displaying adequate immune response.